Choose the best performance in a swimsuit excellent choice

You probably know the figure is much better than anyone else, and you probably know the best and most popular places. Bathing season can for many women that they “just do not look good in swimwear fear frightening. Options Today swimwear much easier for all women to develop the confidence and good views of the beach, with little guidance. Meet these types of massages, Baden a few suggestions to help you to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, “fits” for the form.

Chest or bust

If you have small breasts, may be the choice of the two parts, the best option. Try tankini top, the more breast size separates base can provide. Make sure to make it the top-right, not too loose (the number one method breasts look smaller) are satisfied. If possible, try different size top and bottom do not get to appear as a mixture of N Match “design. Ruffles, ribbons and fabrics, which are further regulated the best friends of small breasts, girls! In the case of one-piece swimsuit look away in one piece strapless bathing suit. Thin spaghetti straps look great on you!

Big bust or the top-heavy

If you have some cleavage, bikini or tankini top support and division, and also in a position to keep the neck resize method. Within the wire, tape, waist, smooth foam cups or built-in bra should really be one or two pieces of swimwear choices. If possible, buy a larger top than the bottom. A swimsuit options may consist of “tank”-style suits with wide belts. Stay away from anything with minimum coverage as a bandeau bikini tops.

Short torso and / or short legs

Expand the view to his feet, get a bathing suit, that high-pelvis and legs is cut. One piece bathing suits are often high hip “bikini cuts, or V-shaped cutouts good game of its type. Try a string bikini when you can provide for a two-part suit for swimming, extend the legs, thighs are exposed. If possible to avoid boy shorts. For color, you can print one color or striped swimsuit wear top down, that the eye is drawn toward the upper body, providing more insight.

Long torso / high and constructed

To stay away from “bean pole” appearance, go crazy with decorations, horizontal stripes, bright neon colors very much, and, perhaps, hip belts, which is in violation of his tall, slender figure. If you are high and curves, try a piece decorated with a waist or additional elements skirtini Ruffles and swimwear. Try to stay away from solid colors, no printing, parts or jewelry.

Broad shoulders

Play the lower half and stay away from attention in the beginning when you “make inverted triangle”. Select Bikini Bottom splashed with many colors and patterns for printing and cheap when it comes to jewelry, such as communication, belts and straps. Wide straps, square neckline and modern low-rise hip reduction may be large. Try to stay away from diving with V-neck, the only highlight is the form that you are trying to mitigate.

Vague abdominal pain or signs and stretch marks

If you are aware of your stomach, try one piece swimsuit, or “mock” in two parts. Many bathing suits in one these days actually seem like two parts or tanikinis skirtinis, but they offer full coverage of the diaphragm. Swimdresses often work covers his stomach with his style. Try to print, not a single color, the attention diverted from the stomach also. Most of the girls, scars or stretch marks tend to have on their thighs, chest or stomach. The best option may be to swim long swim swimwdress or with the possibility of concealment. Boyshorts below allow you to stretch marks cover example, or the thighs, if you have received.

Elegant and full of soil

If you are thin on the bottom, skirtini for you! Try a sleek, slim skirtini skirt (short or mini-OK), who only want they want to cover. If you want frills or type of fabric, add a comb to select a bikini panty that attention to your breasts instead of thighs and buttocks will be based. Return of the very sweet, part of a fantastic trend swimdress plus size girls. Swimdresses coverage in areas where the majority is looking for plus size modesty, but often swimdresses with modern, sexy fashion in mind and built. Deep V-neck to accentuate the neck and ruffles at the hip can provide stylish entertainment, and extending the thigh.
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