[NEWS] Star magazine Claims, "Jen’s BFF Babysits Justin"

Star magazine: Jen Aniston Asked Best Friend Courteney Cox to Spy on Husband Justin

We’re teaming up with Gossip Cop reporter Andrew Shuster to crack down on the latest tabloid trash from Star magazine whose recent article headline claims Jen’s BFF Babysitting Justin. The only question is Real or Rumor? Did the actresses ask her best friend and former ‘Friends‘ co-star actress Courteney Cox, to keep a watchful eye out on husband screenwriter/actor Justin Theroux? RUMOR! The accompanying article alleges Aniston and Theroux are “talking some much-needed time apart to mend their fractured marriage,” but the actress is secretly keeping track of her husband. A so-called ‘source’ told Star magazine, “Jen asked Courteney to reach out to Justin while she’s in New York, and make sure that he’s behaving himself. Jen wants to give Justin his space, but she still wants to know what he’s up to.” The outlet’s questionable insider goes on to say, “Cox’s way of tracking down Theroux was to set up meetings under guise of discussing a television project. Justin is obsessed with work, so it’s the perfect cover,” says the dubious source adding, “he feels like he’s doing his own thing, Jen finally has some peace of mind and Courteney gets to make a few new connections.” Despite how ludicrous this all sounds Gossip Cop still investigated the situation, and we’re assured the tabloid’s story is both “absurd” and complete “nonsense”. A representative for the couple released the following statement, “Jennifer simply NEVER asked Courteney to ‘spy’ on Justin. Additionally, she and Theroux aren’t having any marriage problems or trust issues, so this is all a non-story in the first place.” The latest article Star magazine has published is more lies from the repeatedly discredited outlet.
Source: Jennifer Aniston Pictures

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