Religion and Language Of My Nagpur City

Hinduism is majority religion in Nagpur city with 69.46% followers. Buddhism is second most popular religion in Nagpur city with 15.57% following it. In Nagpur city, Islam is followed by 11.95%, Christianity by 1.15%, Jainism by 0.90% and Sikhism by 0.68%. Around 0.10% stated ‘Other Religion’ and approximately 0.20% stated ‘No Particular Religion’.

In Nagpur, Marathi is the most spoken languages. Marathi is the official language of the city.Due to the city’s cosmopolitan nature, the language is heavily influenced by neighbouring state languages. Many of the slang words in Nagpur are a combination of Hindi and Marathi.Also the Marathi spoken in the city is quite distinct that from western Maharashtra. English language is mostly spoken in the academics and offices.

Source: Bollywood Actress

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