Reveal Poonam Kaur’s Padding Secrets yourself

Though she is part of the cine circuit since a while, it appears that Poonam Kaur is making her presence felt in the recent past. The reason for that as per the cine folks is her new avatar which is filled with glamour and extra sex appeal. More than that, her assets have been catching the attention of many.

Well, if you thought that those were natural then here is the secret. Apparently, this pretty Punjabi seems to be taking the help of pads to ensure that the cleavage gets prominence while her assets gets more shapely. This is something most of the heroines resort to and Poonam seems to have joined the list.

Here are two pictures which reveal the secret. While her extra efforts to look sexy can be understood, those who understood this padding funda say that doesn’t reduce her oomph factor. Poonam has that fair share of glamour in her so they advice that she should have been more careful if she is going for some add-ons like this.

Source: Tollywood Actress

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