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Who would have thought that an ever-charming humble professional like Sonakshi could act snobby? At a Mother’s day event held in Mumbai, Sonakshi sprung up a surprise! Sonakshi Sinha and Kangna Ranaut were invited along with their mothers and both of them had confirmed that they would be attending the event.

When Sonakshi reached the venue along with her mother, one of her staff members informed Sonakshi ‘madam’ that Kangna Ranaut was already present at the venue. Hearing this, Sonakshi reportedly refused to get out of her vanity van even as the organizers pleaded with her to stick to her commitment and grace the event!

While both the Bollywood beauties had been invited along with their mothers, Sonakshi seemed to feign ignorance of the fact that Kangna Ranaut had been invited too. This unprofessional behaviour has left everybody shocked and surprised! One may wonder what could be the reason behind such attitude. Well, a source tells us, “Sonakshi Sinha and Kangna Ranaut actually do not have any history, the bone of contention is Salman Khan. While the actor gave Sonakshi her first Bollywood break, Kangna is known to be extremely close to him. It is obvious that both of them cannot stand each other”

Sonakshi is learned to have dropped hints long ago when Salman Khan threw a party which was attended by Kangna Ranaut but Sonakshi was conspicuous by her absence. Apparently, Sonakshi has told her friends that she wasn’t even invited for the Mother’s Day event but, come on – there are pictures to prove her wrong! Wouldn’t it have been better if she had remained khamosh, instead?

Source: Actress Pics

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