The town of South Park

The series presents the adventures of the four ośmiolatków, living in a small American mountain town of South Park, somewhere in the state of Colorado. Contrary to widespread belief of, the town is not a product of the imagination of artists series – in Colorado really is a town of South Park, known mainly from the mining of gold in the eighteenth century. Part of the existing site has been “adapted” to the series. Serialowy South Park has been enriched, including to be located near an active volcano.

Serial raises controversy from the start, because wyszydza communities, minorities, individual units, a natural phenomenon, preserving, etc. are often raised religious and political issues, providing serialowi enemies among politicians and persons affiliated with the Church. Wyszydzanie creators is a commentary on current world events (such as terrorist attacks or interest passions of Mel Gibson), which retains the series up to date.

The history of the series began, when Matt Stone and Trey Parker, two students at the University of Colorado, created in 1992 animated short film entitled vs. Jesus. Frosty (Jesus vs. jackass). Movie was seen by the people of the American Fox Network, who asked Stone and Parker to create the next, which would be circulated to the well-known American personalities. In this way, was created in 1995 vs. Jesus. Santa (Jesus vs. Santa Claus), and some time later, two stories have been adapted for television series, which soon became a hit around the world. From 1997, when it was issued the first leg of the series, serialowy world is a very grown, and viewers are increasingly presented a more bold vision of artists. Today doczekał a series of twelve series (more than 150 episodes), a feature film, several fanklubów, thousands of pages on the Internet and its multitude of fans around the world. Much of the fans is the young people may seem that South Park, have no education or educational values, but in each section can be found morału (mostly podsuwanego by the end of one of the boys).

Characteristic of the series is the death of Kenny, who dies in almost every episode. For some time, did not appear in the form of bodily, because he was imprisoned in the flesh Cartmana, through which to communicate with the outside world.

Despite the fact that the series arises from a number of years, the heroes of the measure until the fourth season were the same age (from the episode “4th Grade boys are after nine years), but the world in the series adapted to current events.

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