9 Jugaad That Helped Peoples During #ChennaiFloods !

Here are some of those indigenous and creative solutions that have been of great help in the city, and are also being utilised right now.

  1. Raft Boat


Bamboo with tire tubes have been used  to make a boat. The result is that it swims sinks rather than sinks .


Look here  a drifting Raft Boat …

2. Crayon Lights269712139

In many places, almost for three days , electricity  was nowhere in sight. There was backed by these Crayon Lights.

3. New way of charging Mobile



4. House made of bamboo


These pictures are uploaded by Salem Citizen’s Forum. The house can be moved anywhere. The price is also very low. When the situation is bad, it can be kept as a temporary home.

5. Walking ATM


Many banks have  provided mobile ATM service .

6. Drums rescued lives


7. Drum Transport:


8.Herbal tonic


“Nilavenbu Ksyam ‘is a Aryuvadik medicine.  It is created by Neem and some readily available  green leaves . This helps in natural disaster,  the healing of diseases spreading. It was easy to find tonic in Chennai so that people can be saved from fever and cold.

9.Phone Charger


At several points during the flood , people could not have access to electricity. Such a device for charging the phone helps a lot .


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