Unbelievable ! 61 Year Old Woman Wins Marathon Bare Footed Bearing 9 Yard Saree




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Marathon organizers and spectators were shocked to see a old nanny wearing a saree near start line. She was full of surprise.
Let’s start with her age. She is 61, She wore a traditional nauvari and ran barefoot. And this was her maiden run.
The thing that caught everyone’s attention at the race was Kare’s dress — the traditional nauvari. Secondly, she ran without shoes, and finally amused one and all when she defeated all the experienced and regular runners.
Kare is a resident of Pimpli, about 7 km from Baramati, and works as a farm labourer. Before the event, Kare used to walk daily one kilometre in her village.
When asked how she felt standing there on the start line, she said, “a little awkward, as all the other participants were staring at my dress. That also made me a little nervous. However, when the race began and I started overtaking them one by one, I gained my energy. While running I was talking to myself and telling that I want to win this race and I did it.”
“I used to go for morning walks daily, but I had never run. If I had even tried to run, people would have found it strange and they would have asked me uncomfortable questions,” Kare laughed.
She started her run with her slippers on. After a metres, one of her slipplers slipped out. She then left the other one too and continued running, which explains why she was barefoot.
And she ran because she needed money for her husband’s MRI scan.
organiser’s said, “We never expected a participant like Kare to be the winner of the race. It was pleasant surprise. We were extremely happy while handing over the trophy to Kare.”
So? Will she participate in more such races?

She said “I want to. But only god knows whether I remain as strong then as I am today.”

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